The Terriers


Height: 7in.     Length: 8.5 in.     Weight: 4.2lbs

Imported from Hungary, bred from the Stribrne Prani and Life Image lines, Celia will be a true world class show dog. With a lineage of over 50 international championships, her conformation is of the highest standard, with features such as the teddy bear face, silky straight hair, and a regal attitude.





Height: 8.5 in.     Length: 9in.     Weight: 5lbs


Imported from Russia and bred from the Life Images and Royal Boutique lines, Aria is a great addition to our Yorkie family. Aria, represents the ideal Yorkshire Terrier bread standard with her babydoll face and perfect blue and tan coat. She is a love bug and enjoys snuggle time on the couch. Her puppies will each be one of a kind originals of amazing quality.

International Champion Bloodline