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Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Yorkshire Terrier! These puppies are a small breed and therefore the Purchaser understands that extra attention and care may be required in order for them to thrive and avoid conditions such as hypoglycemia or dehydration.


Below list all terms and conditions the buyer must follow in order to uphold this Agreement.


1)      Complete an initial vet check within 5 days of ownership transfer. This first check will include a physical diagnosis of the puppy's vital signs and will give you peace of mind you received a happy healthy puppy. A copy of the examination results must be sent to the Breeder by text or email. The breeder will not accept any examination(s) performed or diagnosis given by/from any Banfield Veterinary Clinic.


2)   The Breeder warrants the puppy for a genetic or congenital life-threatening illness. A full report must come from the examining Vet stating his/her findings and diagnosis. The Breeder reserves the right to request a second opinion by a veterinarian of Breeder’s choosing. The Breeder will replace or refund the cost of the puppy if it dies due to any hereditary problems if the following conditions are met. Buyer must have an autopsy performed within 24 hours of death, at the buyer's expense. 


3)   The Breeder is not responsible for any puppy death due to hypoglycemia, dehydration, or any other illness that could have been prevented or treated by the Buyer.


4)       Under no circumstances will the Breeder be held responsible for any Veterinary or other expenses for any reason whatsoever after the purchase of the puppy.


5)        When the puppy leaves the care of the Breeder, it becomes the sole responsibility of the Buyer. Buyer agrees to keep the puppy out of pet stores, and away from other animals and parks until the puppy has had all of its required vaccinations. The purchaser is responsible for the daily health care and maintenance of the puppy, including all immunization and examinations, recommended after purchase. If Buyer does not follow through with immunization requirements and regularly scheduled veterinarian visits the Health Guarantee will be void.


6)       The Breeder does not make any warranty in respect to color, coat, temperament, ability to win a show, housebreaking or ability to reproduce.


7)      Refund will be in the form of cash or exchange. If an exchange is necessary due to circumstances outlined in item #2 above, Breeder will select a replacement puppy of equal value, of either sex, from the same litter if available or from another litter if needed. If living, the original puppy must be returned to the Breeder at Buyer’s expense, before a replacement puppy will be honored.


8)      If the Buyer can no longer care for the puppy, the Buyer agrees to not place the puppy in a pound, Humane Society or any facility that practices euthanasia or experimentation on animals. Buyer agrees to notify Nashville Yorkies if he/she is unable to care for or keep this puppy at any time in its life. The breeder is to be given the first option to take this puppy back or find it a suitable home. This does not mean you get a refund for the dog.


9)     All deposits are nonrefundable. Payment options are available through Money Order, Cash, Personal check, or PayPal. If payment is by personal check, the puppy will be held until the check clears the bank.


10)    This Agreement / Warranty is valid only until the puppy turns 1 year of age. This warranty is nontransferable. 


11)   If this dog is being bought as Pet Quality only, then the buyer must agree to have the dog spay/neutered. It is this breeders advice that the dog is spayed/neutered between 4 to 6 months as this is when the dog usually has double canines and they can be pulled at the same time as the spay/neuter. The Breeder will withhold AKC documents until Buyer provides the receipt of spay/neuter.


12)   Although the puppy is vaccinated against Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus, Hepatitis, Corona Virus and Parainfluenza. No guarantee is given against these diseases due to their unpredictable nature.


We do not guarantee color, the adult size, conformation, reproductive ability, testicles descending, potty training ability or the temperament of the puppy. This guarantee does not cover common conditions such as, but not limited to, improper bite, thin coat, hernia of any kind, trachea problems, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), internal and external parasites, luxating patella, minor physical flaws, loose stools, coccidia, or any condition that can be corrected with veterinarian treatment. 


We will have contracts on site for the Buyer to sign



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